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Konu: CLİO RS modıfıyesı İTB ' li

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    CLİO RS modıfıyesı İTB ' li


    I was running a ford KA at the time so she sat in the garage for 3 months until i was ready to give the KA back and start using her, sat at home snug n clean:

    you can see in the above picture that it still had the private plates on from Nick, which were due to change back to the originals, but in stead of doing the normal french plates i went for some streamline carbon items from Bic, who is local to me, did a great job:

    before Nick sold the car he had ordered a Ktec carbon splitter for it, so he sold that onto me for a reduced price, got that on and its transformed the front end imo:

    so i thought why stop there with the carbon, ordered myself a carbon engine cover, which was nice but not a great fit from ktec:

    while i was there i painted the renault sport logo:

    and bagged myself an ITG panel filter, no difference what so ever from standard:

    i left the car sat for a little while after my spent and managed to track down a Ktec stealth exhaust system from a mate who was selling his 172 and wanted a OE exhaust in exchange, so i got that bolted on no probs:

    unfortunalty whoever fitted it to his car used a hammer to fit. the centre section was that damaged i decided to chop it out for a bit of bit in replacement! Its not uber loud, which can be annoying but sounds cool too:

    Next uo for me was suspension, the car already had some eibach springs on it but to me it sat too high, although they were a good ride and handled well they didnt sit well, so i ordered some FK highsport coilovers. This is now where i wish id spent more as these compared to a set of AST's are just shit, rock solid, no travel, poor damping, awful, however ive stuck with them knowing that sometime in the future i'll change them:

    This is how i set them although the front has since gone down about another 10-15mm to suit the rear:

    Next up was a new setereo to replace the std renault cd player, this is a pioneer, USB unit, does the job for around £120 ish:

    USB stick now hides under the centre console out of view and the remote has been resigned to the box, pointless!

    With my carbon fetish growing i decided on a set of carbon mirrors and fog light surrounds from streamline carbon:

    Then i debadged the rear, just stick badges on the left, however the clio badge has pin holes so they will stay on for now:

    Tracking and geometry check up:

    Then i lost my head a little and did this:

    But i can officially say, it pissed me off so i sold it ALL! just have a set of rainbow comps running from the headunit now. Does the job and better than the standard speakers! No ice here thanks!


    hen i saw the light and bought these:

    Had them fitted:

    Over to GDI for the map:

    The result: 198.7 bhp, 173 @ wheels. 159lfbt torque @ 5500rpm.

    Pretty good for a standard engine. While the bodies went on a miltek decat pipe was fitted but no pics of that!

    Anyway, this got me thinking that maybe i need to monitor a few things so i fitted this to the cabin:

    trusty volt meter, which was to come in handy when my alternator power cable corroded and i have no battery, quick look down and i could see it wasnt getting any charge

    Next up was to make my own catch tank, fully home made the breather was just flailing about so made sense to hook up a tank for it:

    How she is now:

    pot wilwood calipers, 300mm discs, red stuff pads, baided hoses. fitted this week, pics coming soon.

    So standard setup:

    Before they went on:



    Another picture of the brakes, apologies for qaulity, phone pics!

    I made myself a rear strut brace at work, stainless steel, no fancy Billet brakctes here, just pure simple function! some say they work, some say they dont do much at all, but for free its worth a try, these retail on ktec for £100!
    just waiting on my shed motorsport stickers to arrive and one will go on this bar:

    In preperation for my track day next week at beford ive done a uber mild strip of the rear, back seats weight a tonne!

    under the bonnet latest:

    Evo V GSR

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    adam ilk sistem yapmış sonra hız ve yol tutuş benim için daha önemli 20 liralık hoparlörlerle de takılırım ben demiş arkaya kule gergisini çakmış

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    H_Yasar ALTUNTAS - ait Kullanıcı Resmi (Avatar)
    Üyelik tarihi
    Teşekkür / Beğen
    paylasım ıcın tsk ler

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    Renault - ait Kullanıcı Resmi (Avatar)
    Üyelik tarihi
    Teşekkür / Beğen
    carbon detayları güzel olmuş eyw murat

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    Sizde saolun İTB li bır clıo rs turkıyedede var BAyılıorum motor ıcındekı goruntusune ozellıkle V motorlarınkı cok guzel oluyor

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    itb si daha toplanmadı galiba murat kadir abinin öyle hatırlıyorum :S birde murat şu tampon altı eki bulabilirmiyiz karbon olması şart değil

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    Mustafa USTA
    T.C Vatandaşı

    *USTA - ait Kullanıcı Resmi (Avatar)
    Üyelik tarihi
    Teşekkür / Beğen
    Adam benim kafadan,karboncu...

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    ÖzgürYaşam - ait Kullanıcı Resmi (Avatar)
    Üyelik tarihi
    Teşekkür / Beğen
    Eyvallah murat.

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    Ersel YILGIN
    Teşekkürler Murat.

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