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Konu: Megane Coupe Ph1 F7R Turbo - 197 Diffuser & VAG Box Content

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    karpuz - ait Kullanıcı Resmi (Avatar)
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    Megane Coupe Ph1 F7R Turbo - 197 Diffuser & VAG Box Content

    Hi guys, i know most of you arent the biggest fan of these but i though some maybe intrested in the changes ive been making to it over the past few years and hopefully now its getting into a complicated bit of my build ill get some well needed advice from a wide scope of people

    theres loads too it so please be patient while i upload them from another forum

    i bought my car on the 1st of April 2008 for £3800!!! (a lot i know! part exed a ford escort for £400 tho) anyway shes an x reg (00) 1.6 16v sport alize, when i had her she had just reached 30k genuine miles and the garage changed timing belt brakes and gave it a full service for me.

    This is not long after, completley standard.

    after a few weeks i started to get cracking on how i wanted her to look.
    •1st were the alloy wheels (wolfrace prosprint)
    •then came the tinted windows
    •longlife backbox
    •black lens repeaters
    •aerotwin wipers
    •some renault mudguards
    •after wrestling for 2 months with my torsion bar i managed to lower her and i bought springs for the front uprated the dampers all around
    •painted calipers and drums white!
    •groved disks & crappy green stuff pads
    •some HID headlights and led sidelights

    •coupe club stickers
    •private plate

    •silverline indicator bulbs
    •and a nice little touch for my boy... his 1st trainers hanging from my rear view

    so this is how she looked afterwards

    after going to the bodyshop to have the front bumper and splitter resprayed door handles and spats resprayed and a new astra mk 4 spoiler fitted, i gave her a quick clean today and she now looks like this....

    managed to get the brake disks more or less prepped ready for fitting when i get around to it

    and i went and took a load of stuff that i dont need off the donor car to sell on,
    shes starting to look a little sorry for herself now...

    took the head up to AP-D today should have it back in about 2-3 weeks,(<pahahahaha)
    while i was up there i seen scotts car and decided it was in need of some attention so i took a picture of it with mine lol...

    also took a pic of the font calipers all ready to go on with new rubbers and paint



    changed: oil, fuel, pollen, air filter, oil and plugs

    cleaned a few sensors today as shes had some trouble starting a few times latley, so hopefully that will get rid of a few gremlins.
    and i changed the track rod ends because the old ones were goosed and i was getting unreasonable understeer even through the easiest of corners at low speed. its made a hell of a diffrence so far, going to get her all tracked up and get the steering wheel straightened monday.

    Received a package on friday new springs looking into getting new wishbones and bushes etc. and completley refurb the front end on the car (scrub the components up and spray them) so it should feel & look just like new. just waiting on a load of paint 1st. i managed to get the hubs off the F7R last week too so the rear brakes will be changed to disks when i pull my finger out and clean the parts up were all go

    plans at the time were...

    •Laguna splitter
    •spats front and rear
    •respray the front bumper
    •astra mk 4 spoiler
    •possibly a full respray in the distant future

    •nice sound system

    Refurb the whole braking system, including rear drum to disk conversion
    lower more on the front

    •bought this a few months ago (F7R with spare engine)

    will be tuning the spare engine and building it up and swapping it into my car

    Engine performance...
    •ported and polished head
    •3 angle valve seats
    •road race cams
    •rebored & honed block
    •High compression pistons
    •lightened flywheel and crank
    •cold air feed
    •Full longlife system including custom manifold
    •omex ECU

    started collecting things to complete the exterior...

    astra mk 4 spoiler

    reinforced (fibreglass) laguna splitter

    i also received some EBC rear disks and braided brake hoses ready for the drum to disk conversion at the rear

    started work on the F7R head, stripped the valves from it and gave it a quick blast with a jetwash

    Bokked in to the bodyshop to have all the planned work carried out
    a before picture...

    after trying to straighten my steering wheel out the other week and consequently having to change my track rod ends, my wheels decided they didnt want to go in a straight line and would rather toe in towards eachother (its what u get for lowering ur car and not being able to use old fashioned tracking guages lol) anyway my tracking is so far out the outside of my tyres are being ripped to shreds, so yesterday i decided to adjust the track rod ends slightly (guessing) to rectify it a bit and i had to put my standard wheels back on because my front tyres were slightly illegal!
    so anyway she now looks like this...

    then finally!! this morning i got some paint in the post so i now had evrything i needed to sort the front end out.
    so i set about earlier stripping down the front end,
    picture before...

    picture during...

    pictures after to follow soon. then im going to get it tracked properly
    will also have some pics of her on new springs, and she should be sitting just how i want her then

    also ive been to see about refurbing some alloys...
    my 17's will be done soon with a bit of luck and will be wrapped in toyo TR1's more than likley to be my summer wheels.
    my 16's are being refurbed in the next few weeks and wrapped in rainsports no doubt to be my winter wheels

    i carried on with the work i started yesterday, today.

    1st i stripped my shock absorbers down and painted all the bits that were going rusty and flaking...

    then when i reassembled them i put my new springs on also

    very pleased with the way they came out

    then i went a bit wild with the paint and started cleaning evrything up lol heres a few befores and afters...

    all the bits ready for nearside, to go back on all painted and shiney ...

    and the end result (without brakes)...

    very happy with the way she sits now aswell looks just right atm, cant wait to get her bk on my 17's to look spot on again

    will be taking her down to be tracked in the morning and i will get some more pictures up of the new lowerage

    again as promised a picture of how low the front is (ignore the back i have some heavy stuff in the boot thats making it look lower than it is)
    will give her a good clean in the week and get more pics up, would do it today but its the misses'

    EDIT: just been for a drive and she feels like a new car!!! cant bilieve the diffrence, well worth the hassle of changing wishbones and bushes!
    although i did have to get the 4 wheels aligned rather than tracked because otherwise my steering wheel would be off centre, and thats y i started fiddling in the first place (my OCD coming out again )

    ...devamı geliyor

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    karpuz - ait Kullanıcı Resmi (Avatar)
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    Teşekkür / Beğen
    sneak peak of my winter wheels, currently being refurbed by a mate...

    just ordered an alarm system for the meggy
    peice of mind for me and convenience
    should get it in the next few days then its whenever i have time to fit it

    alarm arived today

    look at all these wires

    well carried on what i started months ago today, stripping the block...
    just need to get the sump and flywheel off now and then its ready to be cleaned up and machined

    some pics....(didnt get any before pics sorry )

    also took some updated pics of the doner car...
    really looking sorry for itself now

    little update...
    failed its mot on tyres today, also just scrapped through its emmissions as i have a crack just after the middle box (damn my low car lol hit it on something at some point) so...
    just ordered 4 new toyo tr1's for £240 ish delivered, the 17's are going to be refurbished tomorow

    Another little update...
    rang craig today, cylinder head still aint ready!!! he said ring him again end of next week...
    no worries anyway its not like i can do any more to the engine atm because i took my wheels to be refurbed today, so that will skint me for a bit.
    i didnt get any before pics of the wheels but i do have some i took a couple of weeks ago so when i get them back ill get some before and after pictures up
    as for the exhaust its being welded by my mate (who is a life saver!!!) and at the same time hell hopefully be fitting my alarm system and remapping my car

    had these today

    Got my wheels back today well impressed with them I must say, pictures tomorow when I've cleaned the soap stuff they use putting the tyres on with, off!
    And my alarm is going on tomorow too

    half fitted my alarm today, need a bit more info before it can be finished off, sorry still no pictures of the wheels. and tbh im starting to lose intrest

    some pics of the alarm installation...

    decided to make a list of what needs doing to the car apart from the engine transplant

    •fix hole in the carpet
    •reattach roof lining where its sagging at the front
    •fix coolant leak
    •change rear brakes over
    •finish fitting the alarm
    •weld the crack in the exhaust

    think thats it

    well its taken me a while and i still havent done it properly lol...
    was in tesco earlier and decided to get some pictures up of her lowered on my refurbished 17's...
    ignore the dirt, its done nothin but rain the last few days and i havent had chance to clean it

    this is how the wheel sits in the arch 1st, which is perffect imo...

    and then the rest, didnt turn out as id hoped but hey ho

    after getting my wheels back i managed some free time today to just give her a quick clean, nothing special, will hopefully be getting the paint corrected on it shortly.

    anyway heres a quick pic of the quality on the wheels...

    they arent perffect because i scuffed them so bad in places (only 2 iirc) that the guy couldent get them out as they were too deep. even now tho they are still not noticable

    then as i was out i just took a couple of quick snaps on my phone

    went to fix my exhaust today... found a big feck off hole in the middle box, so going to search for a new one now

    quick update, been paining this afternoon
    these are the hubs off the F7R to put on my car so i can have rear disks

    after some red oxide and black paint (on on the left has only had 1 coat)

    finished article...

    will do my brakes soon, i have to its annoying me not being done now

    right ive been going trough a little... crisis latley with my car, i just dont know what do to with it, ive never come closer to selling up than i have today. Theres pros and cons of selling up but it just wouldent make any sense for me to sell it so im keeping it for the time being.

    all of this has made me think long and hard about where i want to go with the coupe and today i came to a decision, im going to spend a few £100 sorting her out so all the little problems i have with it are sorted and if any new ones arise i will be sorting them out asap. and im happy with the rest of the car (the way it looks etc.) once it comes out of the bodyshop.

    The engine is on hold untill i get a pay rise in work which will be in 18 months time, then i will consider restarting the engine part of the project, but untill then im not buying anything new for it as i just cant justify spending the money i want on it with the wage im on atm.

    im hoping that this decision will help me regain my love for not just the coupe but driving again, as driving has literally become a chore latley where i used to just enjoy doing it. with a bit of luck this phase will disapear sooner rather than later and ill be updating this log again

    meh that lasted all of a day
    still cant afford to do the engine work so im gonna concentrate on the car and looking after it and a few other choice mods.
    gonna get the bits that i want spraying sprayed, do the brake conversion and a secret mod that will be revealed next week. got the exhaust coming tomorow so that will be fixed (happy days) then after the above has been done im looking at the interior and sorting that out
    the love is slowly coming back after i went out for shall we call it a spirited drive today and i realised its a really good car and looks stunning when its clean and the sun is shining

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    karpuz - ait Kullanıcı Resmi (Avatar)
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    Re: Megane coupe mk1 turbo project

    finally changed my exhaust centre section yesterday, was really starting to pish me off, no pictures of the new bits (just a standard centre box) but i took 2 of the old box with the rust and the holes ...

    started ther car up this morning and i thought id been transported back a week, my exhaust was blowing again, i thought no worries i know what this is its just the clamp that holds the centre section onto the cat. we hadnt replaced this when we replaced the centre section and was on my list of things to do as its not really that important.

    so after quitting college today (thats for another discussion tho) i bought a new clamp came home jacked the car up. before i even get chance to look at the clamp some fluffy white substance catches my eye hangin from the bottom of my car, curiosity got the better of me so i grabbed it thinking it was just something that got caught whilst i was driving.... wrong!!!

    the centre (brand new) box that i fitted saturday has split open spewing its white fluffy guts all over the place and causing the horrendous noise my car made 1st thing this morning! im not impressed, i now have decided to just get a stainless centre section rather than renew it, for a stupidly large amount of £150 from longlife.

    and to top it off the guy whos doing the roof wrap wont answer his phone

    ok going in a new direction with the meggy, rather than spend my money on the engine (which will be a fortune atm) im gonna wait untill i get more money to complete that and focus on the interior of the car. i know its been done before but its something i would like so the plan is

    black interior - leather seats, dyed roof lining and carpet, sprayed plastics etc.
    some decent sounds and sound proofing

    Di Noc wrapped roof
    rear disks
    treated paintowrk (no swirls)

    and keep up with the maintenance the way i have been, perhaps a nice cold air feed (BMC no doubt) to keep me entertained untill the engine comes out

    all before FCS with a bit of luck

    then the conversion

    EDIT: it wont happen before FCS just realised how close it is will do as much as possible tho

    picture of the brand new box after less than 100 miles. its been sent off on warranty so i have 2 weeks to wait untill i can get my cash back

    got a nice stainless centre section and small silencer now with a lifetime warranty so happy days, still looking for leather and might get my air filter now i dunno yet

    new vinyl roof
    few pics of it going on...

    and some of the finished article...

    fixed my coolant leak

    may need a new CV joint in the near futre tho, not a big problem

    all thats left to do before FCS now is :

    sort interior out (leather, black carpet, headlining & dash. perhaps some better speakers)
    picking it up thursday

    find somewhere that will track my car or fabricate my own gauges and sort the steering wheel out

    respray a few things (mirrors, wiper arms, scuttle pannel & grilles)

    book it in the bodyshop for the major things (bumper, bonnet, wings & bootlid)

    should be enough to do before FCS

    another quick update... my exhaust started banging when i started the car up the other day, so down to longlife today to get it sorted... very happy, got him to weld a bracket half way down the car so the middle section is supported
    few (rubbish) pics of the bracket...

    still got the above to do, going to take a trip to cardifff to sort my tacking out and im slowly giving up on my interior

    Quick update, got the roof lining out of my scrapper yesterday, was shabby to say the least but its intact and isnt broken or sagging anywhere so its all good...

    after 2 seconds work it now looks like this...

    and is ready for some new fabric

    also received a new engine cover to tidy the bay up a bit

    small update...
    made some more inroads on that damn alarm today, never buying one again! but its nearly done now, just a few more things to wire up and its done.

    absolutley unreal the ammount of wiring you have to do to get it in

    another small update...
    had some fabric come through the door today just waiting on my foam and ill be doing my headlinging and parcel shelf.
    plus im hopefully getting some leathers next week all starting to come together now

    it works!!!!
    im like a little kid lol, this alarm is so cool!!! im well chuffed with it will get a video up of it working soon!

    sorry no video of it as its decided not to work anymore stupid alarm

    ohh and got my foam today so next week my roof lining will be done

    sorted it out today on my tod well chuffed now

    hope this works, bare with me im still new to the alarm and im still working it out lol so theres a lot of fiddling and nothing happening the video quality is poor but you get the picture and turn your volume up
    (car is running at the start of the video)

    Just finished putting the foam on my new headlining, not perffect but it doesent matter because the vinyl is going over the top of it and it should look ok then

    sneak preview...

    run out of evostick can't finish it tonight now lol, looks ok atm see how it comes up Monday now

    Quick pics of my parcel shelf... Its not perffect, neither is the roof lining as the glue creases it but it don't look too bad.

    In the middle of painting my speaker covers Matt black too, should be back in Wednesday. Then if it all turns out looking good I'm going to start stripping the plastics out and painting them black too


    Finally done my brakes today
    grooved disks all round, more green stuff pads, new cables and fluid and some braided brake hoses
    looks much better

    finished my interior today, just in time for FCS
    here are a few pictures...

    dashboard is being beta tested atm and will be done properly as will the headlinging

    made a big decision today... F7R will no longer be going into the car Naturally aspirated.
    she will be turboed and hopefully touching 250 BHP. this is the far easier and cheaper option to get the power than the N/A route

    Well today i finally fitted my Air filter, the strutt brace has been on a few weeks and the engine cover a bit longer.

    the strutt brace and other bits under the bonnet need a good clean but their ok for now.

    As for the filter, ive deffinitly noticed a bit of performance squeezed out of it (minimal). it deffinitly picks up a lot better now. the strutt brace is ood too its much tighter round the twisties now

    here are some picts of the bay as it is now

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    Kalanları 2. sayfadan itibaren devam edeceğim. Fazla kasmasın Bu arada torpido tavan döşemelerine ve k4m in hava filitresi düzeneğine dikkatinizi çekmek istiyorum. Biraz detaya dalınca örnek alınabilecek pek çok çalışma var.

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    F7R Yok Bende Ama Darlandim Yani

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    Ellerine saglık kardeşim cok guzel calışmalar var gercekten de..

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    karpuz - ait Kullanıcı Resmi (Avatar)
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    Abi adamların kafası ne kadar rahat. Bizdeki gibi ota suya vergi yok. Vergini egzoz salınımına göre ödediğinden silindir hacminin bir önemi yok haliyle motor işletme hususu burdaki kadar katı değil.

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    wired a sub and amp into my car today with a bit of help from daviedavie

    not working atm because im haveing a bit of a problem with it, im sure itl get sorted soon

    thanks to adz for both the sub and the amp im sure ill be enjoying them soon...

    when the sub was sent to me the box had a bit of damage on it but nothing too bad, so i used some carpet from the back of the seats in my shed car to recover it and make it look presentable and blend into the boot the cover is being sprayed by daviedavie, the same colour as my winter wheels lol

    heres how it looks intboot...

    and then i mounted the amp on my parcel shelf because it looks the tits there
    (its missing a cover on the side atm due to the problems im haveing so the exposed wires will be hidden in time...

    i also decided to take the rear plastics off to give them another coat of paint because it had started peeling where id pressed to hard to put it back in (the clip behind was broken)so they will be resprayed next week

    also i ordered a new driveshaft today so ill fit that sunday and clean around dowwn there again. stupid grease

    EDIT: just went out to the car at 11PM!!! because it was just annoying me that much... bad earth, bit of sandpaper job done

    so saturday i changed the driveshaft, had it at a bargain £64 brand new (everywhere else wanted £80 odd for a reconned one + a surcharge)
    from euro car parts my new favourite motor factors

    so now i dont have any wheel wobble at 70 ish and no knocking when pulling off and breaking so i was a happy chappy
    i also got a bit exited when i pulled the old one off because the ABS ring came off with it due to it being cracked, and i thought it may sort my ABS light out but no such luck
    anyway, massive diffrence and im going to do the otherside + gearbox oil while im at it in the near futre. ill also put the right reluctor rings on the rear when i get a chance



    then yesterday i went to town with the cleaning cleanned in all the nooks and crannys and took my front grilles out and badges off. front grilles will be spreyed back to the right colour not grey!!! and the badges will hopefully be replaced if their cheap enough.
    washed it with auto glym polished it with super resin and waxed it with megs carnabua wax. now all i need to do is decide wether to debadge the side wings???

    i want to move the numberplate after this pic...

    then today i finally finished stripping the s**tter engine out box out carpet out, just have to take the rear bumper off and the subframe and its being scrapped then

    pics to follow

    bit of a delay but i finally have some today

    its deffinitly seen better days

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    karpuz - ait Kullanıcı Resmi (Avatar)
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    Over the weekend I resprayed my front grilles because they were letting the front of the car down! I'm still not sure on them tbh not sure I like the lacquer look... Opinions?

    On the car...

    Will have to do the scuttle panel and wiper arms now too :lol:

    got my top dash back ready for trax on thursday fitted it and added a coupe badge, this is only blu-taked on atm tho as i dont know wether or not to keep it.

    and then just one or 2 pics of the car at TRAX, had a cracking weekend roll on next year!!!

    scuse the poor pictures, its only a Blackberry :P

    well i had the shock of my life this morning!!!

    after going up to see craig last week about my cylinder head he promised me he would chase up the machineist doing my cylinder head by midweek next week (yesterday). he was going to either take it away from the machineshop and take it to another one to get the work done or tell the guy who has it now to get on with it. then he would ring me to let me know whats going on.

    now going on past experiences i wasent expecting a phonecall at all and fully expected myself to take another trip up there on monday next week.

    then came the shock!!! he rings me this morning telling me...
    hes chased up the guy doing the work.
    its going to be done by midweek next week or its going somewhere else
    and he needs the valves to have some work done on them free of charge.

    now i dont know what he means by this last bit because i was still in awe at the fact he had rang me so i didnt ask him all the questions i should have so does anyone know what he could want them for?

    anyway after this i decided to crack on and clean the valves, springs etc. ready to take them up to him tomorrow.

    so here are the results, not the best but a lot better...

    how theyve been stored since i stripped them...

    Exhaust before...

    Exhaust after...

    Inlet before...

    Inlet after....

    All pacaged up ready to go

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    karpuz - ait Kullanıcı Resmi (Avatar)
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    Teşekkür / Beğen
    has these delivered today ...

    those and cartax have skinted me for the month mind but its worth it

    hopefully get a call off AP-D tomorow now

    Been collecting a few bits the last few days...
    Got some brembo 4 pots and some disks ...

    And a pro alloy intercooler

    Bit of a clean and a lick of paint/polish they should come up really nice

    Also I think I'm going to retro fit a spare seat Leon 6 speed gearbox that I have to the engine just for something more reliable and for kicks

    Also I know it means nothing to you lot but I'm getting my cylinder head back next week... Lol... Maybe

    9 months and 3 days after i dropped it off i have picked it up!!!

    for those of you that dont bilieve me...

    i however can bilieve it! because my bank balance is seriously depleated!
    expensive lesson learnt, wont be asking him to do any work for me again!

    on another note on my way to pick it up and my gearbox mount vertical bolt sheared!!! again!!!

    begining to think i have an underlying problem somewhere.

    Ok then been busy the last week or two, first I took my ported cylinder head into work to clean all the crap out and get it nice and clean...

    Here's a pic of the work Craig carried out...


    Then I set about lapping the valves in! What a gay job to do!

    Here's the results...

    Then today I finished putting all the valves back in! Yet another gay job! Those stupid little collets do my chunking head in
    2 done...

    All done...

    And my workspace the misses loves me!

    next is to find some gaskets to put the cams and stuff in and the head is near enough done then. Ordering some low compression pistons on Friday woohoo

    Also took the current engine to the RR day as a nice comparison between the before and after

    She made 95 whp which equates to aproximatley 116 bhp which I'm happy enough with for now here she is on the rollers...

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